Brief Description:

The Tree Hammer™ and Tree Master™ provides hunters with an efficient method for installing tree climbing pegs and hoisting equipment into the tree.

Fully developed prototype available upon request.

Purpose of the Invention:

Tree Hammer and Tree Master is a tool designed for installing climbing pegs into the trunk of a tree, as well as hoisting tree stands and other equipment into the tree. Hunters will appreciate the efficiency of this product and how it assists in the setup of a tree stand. It allows users to quickly and safely lift their gear into the tree, while also holding a tree stand in position during the installation process. This product provides convenience, safety and practicality.

Problem[s] the Invention Solves:

Installing climbing pegs can be a time-consuming and strenuous task. If the tree is dense or hard, it can be difficult to insert the peg as deep into the tree as needed. If the peg is not placed in far enough, the peg may come loose. This can be dangerous when an individual is climbing at great heights. Also, installing climbing pegs often requires the use of several tools. With all the additional gear a hunter has to transport, it is better to minimize the amount of equipment needed to install the pegs. An efficient installation method is needed.

Detailed Description of the Invention:

Tree Hammer and Tree Master offers hunters a reliable and safe method for starting the installation of climbing pegs. It can also be coupled with a pulley system and bracket to assist in hoisting items into the tree. The invention consists of two main components. The Tree Hammer is shaped like a hammer with a handle measuring approximately 10” long and made of 3/4” steel tubing. The head of the hammer may be made out of a 1 1/2" piece of 3/4" steel tubing and a 1 1/2" piece of round bar stock. The Tree Master bracket may be made from a piece of flat plate steel molded into a V shape. It may flatten out to 1″ at the bottom of the V. A 1″ piece of tubing may be welded so that the Tree Hammer can slide into it. Two 1 1/2" pieces of flat plate may be bent and welded onto the V and can be used to bind the bracket to the tree. The Tree Hammer may be used to install the butt end of the climbing peg through a pre-drilled offset hole in the handle of the hammer. The peg may be held in place with a thumbscrew. The upper portion of the peg may be inserted into a slotted groove in the head of the hammer. Swinging the hammer with the peg installed and striking the tree in the desired location with force will sink the peg into the tree. The hammer can also be used to turn the peg the rest of the way into the tree. The Tree Hammer may then be inserted into the Tree Master bracket. This assembly may be combined with a pulley system to hoist equipment into the tree. The system also allows users to hold the tree stand in a desired position. The Tree Hammer can also be used to remove pegs from the tree when needed. The exact specifications may vary.

Description of Drawings:

FIGURE 1 - Tree Hammer with climbing peg anchored in tree.

FIGURE 2 - Tree Hammer screwing in climbing peg.

FIGURE 3 - Tree Hammer being removed from the climbing peg.

FIGURE 4 - Tree Master pulley system attached.

FIGURE 5 - Tree stand being lifted into the tree.

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Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 4

Figure 5

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